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EPF Registration / Return

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EPF Registration / Return

What is EPF Registration?

EPF stands for Employee Provident Fund, a scheme governed and regulated by a body named Employee’s Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) constituted under Employee’s Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provisions, Act 1952.

EPFO is the largest social security organization with a large volume of financial transactions taking place. EPF is the benefits availed to the employee on their retirement in the form of Provident Fund.

Applicability of EPF ACT 1952

EPF act applies to the following establishments:

  • Any establishment employing  20 or more employees during any time in the previous year.
  • Central Government may also specify certain establishments, irrespective of their number of employees.

Benefits of EPF Registration

  • The employer contributes some proportion to the EPF fund along with the employee. The employer also adds his contribution that is inclusive of the employee pension scheme (EPS).
  • Provident fund acts as financial support at the time of retirement, illness, demise, disability or any similar risk occurred to the employee.
  • PF account of an employee needs not to be closed in case the employee switches his job as the same can be carried forwarded.
    PF funds can be used by the employee for long term plans.

EPF Registration UAN (Universal Account Number)

After getting registered under EPFO employer must generate UAN of its employees Universal Account Number (UAN). Every employee will use their UAN number to claim from PF fund, transfer of PF fund online to the bank account, etc. Employees must activate their UAN on EPFO portal

Mandatory Compliance

Once the establishment is registered with EPFO, it shall comply with certain mandatory provisions monthly/annually as prescribed under the act:

  • Monthly return is filed online through the establishment login by uploading the ECR sheet.
  • Return is filed online with the 15th of succeeding month.

Contribution Rate

Rate of contribution varies depending upon the number of an employee employed in establishment:

  • For Establishment Hiring Employees 20 Or Above

Employer and employee of such establishment shall contribute up to 12% of the employee’s salary (Basic wages + Dearness allowances)

  • For Establishment Hiring Less Than 20 Employees:

Following establishment that shall contribute at the rate of 10% of basic wages of the employee in spite of 12%.

  • An establishment employed up to 10 employees and get voluntary registration under EPFO.
  • Any establishment incurred loss during the previous year
  • Other establishments such as Brick Factory, Jute Factory, Beedi making factory, etc.

What are the documents Required for EPF Registration ?

Following are the documents required for filing employer  & establishment registration under EPF:

  • Name of the employer
  • PAN Card of the employer
  • Driving license or passport or voter-id card
  • Address proof of registered office such as electricity bill/rent agreement (if rented) or copy of registered deed (in case owned premise)
  • If establishment is cooperative society, charitable trust, partnership firm or company, copy of Certificate of Incorporation of said entity is required.

Details of employees

  • Aadhar card of employees
  • Pan card of employees
  • Bank account details of employees
  • Contact number & email id


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