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ISO certification

How ISO certification Help in global business expansion

It’s become very difficult to grab a global buyer outside the country local boundaries for the indigenous product. In today’s competitive global market, the buyers are looking for a top-notch quality product with 0% defect. Here ISO certification play vital role to expand your business global presence. ISO Certification logo ensure buyers a international quality of product before making an order. This way, ISO certification can help you to enter the global markets easily.

Documents required for ISO Certification in India

The documents required for ISO Certification depends upon the type of ISO Certification you are obtaining for your organization. Let’s take the example of most commonly used ISO certification i.e. 9001 which is the quality management system (QMS). Some of the documents have been mentioned belew which are  mandatory documents, mandatory records and non mandatory documents for such ISO Certification:

  1. Scope of the QMS –  In the scope of the QMS Mandatory records are Monitoring and measuring equipment calibration records and Non Mandatory documents are  Procedure for addressing risks and opportunities.
  2. QMS Policy and objectives – QMS Policy and objectives Mandatory records are about design and development outputs review and non mandatory documents are Procedure for design and development.
  3. Criteria for evaluation –  In the Criteria for evaluation mandatory Records about design and development inputs and Non mandatory documents are sale procedure.
  4. The selection of suppliers –mandatory records of suppliers are Records of design and development controls and outputs.

ISO Certification Process

  1. Select ISO standard in which you want a certificate and an ISO certification body for certification
  2. Make an application to the ISO certification body in its prescribed format containing the rights and duties of the owner of the organization and liabilities issues, access rights and confidentiality clauses.
  3. The ISO certification body will review your application and documents provided in the application. The ISO certification body will review the quality manuals and documents of your organization.
  4. The ISO certification body identifies the major weakness/ faults in the system and then will provide a cure period to the organization to rectify such faults and weakness in the organization.
  5. The Organization has to prepare an action plan for curing the faults mentioned by the ISO Certification body. It shall contain a list of actions to be taken for meeting the standards.
  6. Then the ISO certification body will carry aninitial certification audit to check the changes made and analyze the non-compliances in the organization. The ISO Certification body will divide the non-compliances into minor and major non-compliances
  7. In case all the non-compliance are fulfilled then the ISO audit report will be created and you will be granted ISO certification.

Hope now you are aware about the ISO Certification Process in India.



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